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Adult day care facility
Adult family home A private residence to which all of the following apply: (a)Care and maintenance above the level of room and board but not including nursing care are provided in the private residence by the care provider whose primary domicile is this residence for 3 or 4 adults, or more adults if all of the adults are siblings, each of whom has a developmental disability, as defined in s. 51.01(5), or, if the residence is licensed as a foster home, care and maintenance are provided to children, the combined total of adults and children so served being no more than 4, or more adults or children if all of the adults or all of the children are siblings. (b) The private residence was licensed under s. 48.62 as a foster home for the care of the adults specified in par. (a) at least 12 months before any of the adults attained 18 years of age.
Adult use entertainment business Any establishment providing adult entertainment as defined herein, including, but not limited to, adult arcade, adult bookstore, adult novelty store, adult video store, adult motion picture theater, and exotic dance studio.
Aircraft sales and service
Airport/heliport The term includes aircraft landing fields, runways, flight strips and flying schools, together with hangars, terminal buildings and other auxiliary facilities.
Animal hospital A place where animals or pets are given medical or surgical treatment and the boarding of animals is limited to short-term care incidental to the hospital use.
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Antenna, earth station dish A dish-shaped antenna designed to receive television broadcasts relayed by microwave signals from earth-orbiting communication satellites (Also see Section 17.0203).
Antenna, terrestrial Any antenna designed to receive television and radio signals relayed from one ground location to another ground location. Such antennas are typically mounted on a tower or support on the rooftop of a structure, or on free-standing towers.
Antique and collectors store
Any manufacturing building that exceeds 55 feet in height
Appliance store
Archery range The term includes both public or private archery ranges.
Art gallery
Art studio An establishment engaged in the sale or exhibit of art works such as paintings, sculpture, macrame, knitted goods, stitchery, or pottery. Art studios are also engaged in the creations of such art works and often offer instruction in their creation.
Art supply store
Asphalt and concrete plant
Assembly, processing, manufacturing, storage of certain products
Assembly, production or manufacture from previously prepared materials, packaging
Audio/video production An activity, not in conjunction with adult-oriented facilities, involving the production, including scripting, recording, editing and post production of audio and visual taped media for educational, entertainment or promotional purposes.
Automobile and truck engine and body repair
Automotive body repair Activities involving the repair, painting or undercoating of the body or frame of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less. Body and frame repair does not include mechanical engine or power train repair.
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Automotive mechanical repair Activities involving the maintenance, servicing or repair of automotive engines, power train, suspension and exhaust system on vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less. Mechanical repair does not include body and frame repair, painting or undercoating.
Automotive parts store The term does not include any installation.
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Automotive sales and service Any building, land area, or other premises for the display and sale of new or used automobiles, pickup trucks or vans, lawn and garden implements, trailers, boats, or other recreational vehicles and including any warranty repair work and other repair service conducted as an accessory use.
Bakery, commercial
Bakery, retail
Barber/beauty shop
Beach or swimming area, public
Beach, private
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Bed and breakfast Any place of lodging that provides four (4) or fewer rooms for rent for more than 10 nights in a 12-month period, is the owner?s personal residence, is occupied by the owner at the time of rental, and in which the only meal served to guests is breakfast.
Boat mooring and rental The term includes both public and private operations.
Body piercing establishment
Book or stationery store
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Botanical garden and arboretum, private
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Botanical garden and arboretum, public
Bowling alley
Breweries, distilleries, and wineries
Bridle path
Building area 60,000 square feet or larger
Building supply store The term excludes lumber yards.
Bus service storage yard, private
Camera and photographic supply store
Campground Any parcel of land which is designed, maintained, intended or used for the purpose of providing sites for nonpermanent overnight use by 4 or more camping units, or which is advertised or represented as a camping area.
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Car wash
Cart storage
Catering service
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Cemetery and crematory
Chapter 980 Stats. Supervised Release An occupancy use of a dwelling unit pursuant to a plan of the Department of Health and Family Services, a Court order, or as may otherwise result from or be provided for under Chapter 980 of the Wisconsin Statutes, which occupancy use is the supervised release of a sexually violent person.
Christmas tree sales
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Circus and animal show
Clothing store
Club, lodge, fraternity or sorority, non-residential Social club, fraternity, sorority, association, lodges, etc.  Does not include night clubs or health clubs. 
Coin and philatelic store
College/university The term does not include fraternity and sorority houses, firing ranges, and outdoor "burn buildings" used for fire-fighting instruction.
Commercial recreation facility, Indoor A commercial use, with or without seating for spectators, conducted entirely within a building for recreational activities including, but not limited to, playgrounds, miniature golf courses, driving ranges, batting cages, gymnasiums, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, trampoline parks, swimming pools, billiard or pool halls.
Examples include arcades, bowling alleys, clubs, dance halls, driving ranges, gymnasiums, health clubs, miniature golf facilities, pool and billiard halls, and indoor skating rinks.
Commercial recreation, outdoor A recreational facility conducted for commercial purposes and outside of a building including uses such as, but not limited to, athletic fields, miniature golf, outdoor skateboard park, laser tag field; swimming, bathing, wading, and other therapeutic facilities; tennis, handball, basketball courts, batting cages, and trampoline facilities, not including firing and archery ranges.
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Commercial vehicle sales and service Any building, land area, or other premises for the display and sale of large trucks and equipment, typically used in commercial and industrial operations, and including any warranty repair work and other repair service conducted as an accessory use. For the purpose of this Chapter, commercial trucks are trucks with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 10,000 pounds.
Community living arrangement, 15 or fewer residents Any of the following facilities with 15 or fewer residents: child welfare agencies, group home for children and community-based residential facilities; but does not include adult family homes, day care centers, nursing homes, general hospitals, special hospitals, prisons, and jails.
Community living arrangement, 16 or more residents Any of the following facilities with 16 or more residents: child welfare agencies, group home for children and community-based residential facilities; but does not include adult family homes, day care centers, nursing homes, general hospitals, special hospitals, prisons,and jails.
Community living arrangement, 8 or fewer residents Any of the following facilities with 8 or fewer residents: child welfare agencies, group home for children and community-based residential facilities; but does not include adult family homes, day care centers, nursing homes, general hospitals, special hospitals, prisons and jails.
Community living arrangement, 9 to 20 residents Any of the following facilities with 9 to 20 residents: child welfare agencies, group home for children and community-based residential facilities; but does not include adult family homes, day care centers, nursing homes, general hospitals, special hospitals, prisons, and jails.
Company cafeteria A food service operation (i.e., cafeteria, delicatessen, and restaurant) that is located within the same building as a permitted use and provides food only to company employees and their guests.
Computer & electronic equipment sales and service
Confectionery and ice cream store
Contractor office A temporary structure, including mobile home units, when used during or immediately prior to the construction of a permanent structure.
Contractor, building restoration
Contractor, environmental Offices, laboratories and support facilities for the testing or evaluation of soil, air or water, not including any on-site storage or remediation of materials.
Contractor, plumbing
Contractor's shop, with no outdoor storage
Contractor's shop, with outdoor storage
Cosmetic shop
Currency exchange
Customer pickup areas
Delicatessens or restaurant
Department store
Destination retail A retail store that attracts regional customers as their ultimate destination.
Destination retail, children's play area
Destination retail, garden center
Destination retail, grocery store
Destination retail, warehouse and office
Detached accessory building A detached garage, gazebo, garden, or utility shed.
Dog training center (indoor)
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Domestic stock
Drug store
Dry-cleaning establishment
Educational facilities and exhibitions
Electronic equipment sales, service, and repair
Electronic store
Equipment rental (indoor only)
Essential services Services provided by public and private utilities necessary for the exercise of the principal use or service of the principal structure. These services include underground, surface, or overhead facilities such as gas, electrical, steam, water, sanitary sewerage, storm water drainage, and communication systems and accessories thereto, such as poles, towers, wires, mains, drains, vaults, culverts, laterals, sewers, pipes, detention basins, drainage channels, catch basins, water storage tanks, conduits, cables, fire alarm boxes, police call boxes, traffic signals, pumps, lift stations, railroad tracks, and hydrants, but not including buildings.
Family day care home A dwelling licensed as a day care center by the State of Wisconsin pursuant to Section 48.65 of the Wisconsin Statutes, where care is provided for not more than eight (8) children under the age of 7 years for less than 24 hours per day.
Farm A parcel of land used for agricultural activities including, but not limited to, the raising and harvesting of field crops; the raising of livestock; and the raising and harvesting of trees, orchards, or vineyards.
Farmers market
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Financial institution, no drive-through facility The term includes banks and savings and loan associations.
Financial institution, with drive-through facility The term includes banks and savings and loan associations.
Firearms and accessory sales and training
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Firewood storage
Firing range (indoor) Indoor firing range, firearms and accessory sales and training operations for firearms and self-defense.
Firing range, outdoor
Fish hatchery
Fish market
Flea market Any premises where the principal use is the sale of new or used household goods, personal effects, tools, art work, small household appliances, and similar merchandise, equipment or objects, in small quantities, in broken lots or parcels, not in bulk, for use or consumption by the immediate purchaser. Flea markets may be conducted within a structure or in the open air. Rummage sales and garage sales are not considered to be flea markets.
Food processing and locker plant The term does not include the slaughtering of animals on the premises.
Food store, convenience A retail establishment of less than 3,000 square feet in area where food products and related household products are sold.
Food store, grocery A retail establishment of at least 25,000 square feet in area, where food products and related household products are sold.
Food store, neighborhood A retail establishment of at least 3,000 square feet in area, but less than 25,000 square feet in area, where food products and related household products are sold.
Food store, specialty
Foster home Any facility operated by a person required to be licensed by Section 48.62 that provides care and maintenance for no more than 4 children unless all children are siblings.
Fraternity or sorority, residential
Freight yard The term includes freight terminals and trans-shipment depots.
Fruit store
Functionally water-dependent uses Funtionally water-dependent uses, such as docks, piers or wharves and navigational aids that comply with chs 30, 31, Stats.  
Functionally water-dependent uses Funtionally water-dependent uses, such as dams, flowage areas, culverts and river crossings of transmission lines and pipelines that comply with chs. 30, 31, Stats.  
Funeral home
Furniture store
Furrier and fur apparel
Game farm
Garage for vehicles used in conjunction with the operation of the business
Garage or carport, private
Garage, public or commercial A structure, or portion thereof, other than a private garage, used primarily for the parking and storage of motor vehicles and available to the general public. A public garage may or may not charge a fee for such use.
Garden center
Garden plot One or more garden plots for rent.
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Garden plots for rent
Gasoline service station Any building, land area, or other premises, or portion thereof, used or intended to be used for the retail dispensing and sales of vehicular fuels; and including as an accessory use the sale and installation of lubricants, tires, batteries, and similar accessories. Contemporary service stations may specialize in a singular service such as providing fast oil changes. Contemporary services may also be associated with another principal use such as a convenience food store. In such instance, the facility is to comply with both the service station and food store requirements of this Chapter.
Gasoline service station with large format retail
Gift store
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Golf course The term includes both private and public golf courses.
Golf driving range, private
Government offices, services, and facilities (DTMSMUPDD)
Government structures, such as fire and police stations
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Greenhouse, commercial For retail and wholesale sales.
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Greenhouse, retail
Ground-mounted and building-mounted earth station dish and terrestrial antenna
Group day care with no outdoor area An establishment providing care and supervision for four or more persons under the age of seven and licensed by the State of Wisconsin pursuant to Section 48.65 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
Group day care with outdoor play area
Group home Any facility operated by a person required to be licensed by the State of Wisconsin pursuant to Section 48.62 of the Wisconsin Statutes for the care and maintenance of five (5) to eight (8) children.
Gymnasium, private
Hardware store
Historic monument or site, private
Historic monument or site, public
Historic structure, floodway Structures clasified as historic structures that comply with Section 17.0322(c) and Section 17.0322(d).
Hobby and craft shop
Home furnishings
Home occupation Any occupation for financial gain or support conducted entirely within the premises by resident occupants; which is customarily incidental to the principal use of the premises.
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Hospital The term also includes day surgery clinics.
Hotel An establishment, licensed pursuant to Chapter 50 of the Wisconsin Statutes, wherein sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to transients, in five or more rooms, and all places used in connection therewith. The terms Hotel, Motel, and Inn are synonymous.
Housing for the elderly A dwelling unit or units designed and constructed to be occupied by elderly persons and their spouses. An elderly person is a person who is 62 years of age or older on the date such person intends to occupy the premises.
Incidental retail sales The sale of products produced on the premises or products related thereto.
Incubator or accelerator facilities
Interior decorator
Interior decorator and home interior
Janitorial supplies and service
Jewelry store
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Junk or salvage yard An area consisting of buildings, structures, or premises where junk, waste, and discarded or salvaged materials are bought, sold, exchanged, stored, baled, packed, disassembled, or handled, including automobile wrecking yards and house wrecking and structural steel materials and equipment yards, but not including the purchase or storage of used furniture and household equipment or used cars in operable condition.
Keeping horses, donkeys, mules, or ponies
Kennel Any structure or premises in which animals are kept, boarded, bred, or trained for commercial gain.
Kennel, private A place where no more than two dogs are housed for personal use.
Laboratory, research, product development or engineering
Laboratory, testing
Large format retail with more than 50,000 GSF
Laundry and dry cleaner The maximum number of employees on any one work-shift is five.
Lawn and garden equipment manufacturing and storage
Library, community center, museum, and art gallery
Liquor store
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Lumber yard
Machine shop Establishments where various types of materials are subjected to drilling, boring, turning, milling, grinding or EDM's to create a component or end product.
Machinery cleaning
Mail order service store
Manufacture of candy and confectionery products
Manufacture of flavor extracts and syrups
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Marina The term includes both private and public marinas.
Marine sales and service
Massage therapy and body work
Material shipment center An establishment primarily engaged in undertaking the transportation of goods from shippers to receivers for a charge covering the entire transportation route, and in turn, making use of services of other transportation establishments.
Meat market
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Medical and dental clinic
Medical office building
Messenger service
Metal smelter
Millwork, saw mill, and planing mill
Miniature golf, private
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Mobile home park A parcel of land which has been developed for the placement of mobile homes and is owned by an individual, firm, trust, partnership, public or private association, or corporation. Individual lots within a mobile home park are rented to individual mobile home users.
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Model home The term includes real estate sales office and rental field office.
Moving and storage service
Multi-family dwelling, 3 units
Multi-family dwelling, 4 units
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Multi-family dwelling, 5 or more units
Municipal telecommunications facility The term includes towers, antennas, and related facilities.
Municipal water facility The term includes wells, pumping stations, towers, and reservoirs.
Music store
Nature center A private educational or non-animal nature study area.
Newspaper and magazine store
Non-structural uses, commercial Non-structural commercial uses, such as loading areas and parking areas.
Non-structural uses, industrial Non-structural industrial uses, such as loading areas, parking areas and airport landing strips.
Non-structural uses, recreational Non-strucural recreational uses, such as golf courses, tennis courts, archery ranges, picnic grounds, boat ramps, swimming areas, parks, wildlife and natgure preserves, game farms, fish hatcheries, shooting, trap and skeet activities, hunting and fishing areas,and recreational trails, subject to the fill limitatiions of Section 17.0322(c)(4).
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Nursing home Any facility which provides 24 hour services, including room and board, to 3 or more unrelated residents; who because of their mental or physical condition require nursing care or personal care in excess of 7 hours a week.
Office The term also includes medical office building.
Office supplies and business machine store
Office, administrative and public service
Office, business
Office, insurance sales
Office, law
Office, professional The office of an architect, engineer, landscape architect, lawyer, accoun­tant, doctor, chiropractor, Chris­tian science practitioner, dentist, optometrist, clergy, or other similarly recognized profession.
Office, professional home office Residences of clergymen, architects, landscape architects, professional engineers, registered land surveyors, lawyers, real estate agents, artists, teachers, authors, musicians, or persons in other recognized professions used to conduct their professions where the office use is incidental to the residential use of the premises.
Office, public administrative
Office, public utility
Office, real estate and insurance sales
Office, utility
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Off-street parking and loading area
Optical store
Outdoor "burn building"
Outdoor group assemby An outdoor gathering of 250 people or more.
Outdoor storage, sales and/or display of retail merchandise
Paint, glass, and wallpaper store
Park, playground, and parkway, private
Park, playground, and parkway, public
Passenger transportation terminal The term includes bus and rail depots, and excludes airports, airstrips, and landing fields.
Pet store and pet grooming
Pharmaceutical processing
Photography and art studio
Photography, studio an developing
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Physical fitness center (indoor)
Plant nursery, outdoor
Plumbing and heating supply
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Portable storage container A container, storage unit, shed-like container or other portable structure, other than an accessory building or shed complying with all building codes and land use requirements, that can or is used for the disposal or storage of personal property of any kind and which is located for such purposes outside an enclosed building.
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Primary/secondary school
Printing service This use is limited to no more than 2,000 square feet of floor area.
Production of animal feed Processing of grain and feed for animals and fowl, and processing of animal health products.
Production of products made from fur or animal skins The term includes animal hide tanning.
Public service building The term includes fire and police stations; but excludes firing ranges and outdoor "burn buildings" used for fire-fighting instruction.
Public utilities, streets, and bridges, floodway area Public utilities that comply with Section 17.0322(c)(3).
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Public utility power plants, storage yards, and service centers
Public utility treatment facility
Publishing house A facility where books, magazines, periodicals, maps, etc. are printed and issued.
Radio and television broadcast or recording studio, not including transmitting towers
Radio and television transmitting and receiving station, and studio
Residential air conditioning condenser
Residential quarters for business owner
Residential quarters for caretakers, clergy or institutional staff
Restaurant, with drive-in or drive-through facility A free-standing establishment used for the sale, dispensing or serving of food, refreshments, or beverages where customers may be served in an automobile and may eat and drink the food, refreshments, and beverages on or off the premises.
Restaurant, without drive-in No live entertainment other than music or dancing shall be permitted.
Restaurant, without drive-in or drive-through facility
Retail or wholesale operations
Riding academy, private
Roadside stand (large) A structure exceeeding 200 square feet but less than 750 square feet where fruits, vegetables, and selected farm products are sold at retail.
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Roadside stand (small) A structure no larger than 200 square feet for sale of farm products produced on the premises.
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Roof-mounted solar collectors
Rummage sale The occasional sale of personal property at a residence conducted by one or more families in a neighborhood. Rummage sales are also known as garage sales. Flea markets, defined elsewhere, are not rummage sales.
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Sand, gravel and other ground material extraction Complies with Section 17.0322(d).
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Self service laundry
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Self-service storage facility
Semi-truck and or trailer parking
Shoe store
Shoe store and leather goods store
Shooting, trap, or skeet activities
Shopping center A group of commercial establishments planned, constructed, and managed as a total entity with ample customer and employee parking provided on-site, with provision for goods delivery separated from customer access, and with aesthetic considerations and protection from the elements.
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Single-family dwelling A building designed for or occupied exclusively by one (1) family, including manufactured homes.
Soda fountain
Solar collectors
Solar collectors attached to the principal structure
Sporting goods store
Stadium, private
Stock brokers and securities dealer
Storage of animal feeds, fertilizer, seeds, and animal health products
Storage of inflammable gas and liquids in excess of 5,000 gallons The storage of the inflammable gas and liquids must be accessory to a permitted use or an approved conditional use.
Storage of vehicles and equipment
Strip shopping center A complex of buildings containing commercial development located on property along one or both sides of a street that is generally one lot in depth and is has multiple and relatively closely spaced driveways, low open space and landscaping ratios, and high floor area ratios.
Structure accessory to open space use Structures accessory to open space uses, complying with Section 17.0322(c) and Section 17.0322(d).
Studio for photography, painting, music, sculpture, dance, pottery and jewelry
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Swimming pool
Tailor or dressmaking shop
Tattoo establishment
Tavern and cocktail lounge
Temporary construction storage Temporary storage (in-doors and out-of-doors) of construction materials and equipment used in the construction of a permanent structure or public utility.
Tennis court
Theater and other amusement place
Tobacco store
Trail, recreational, private Hiking, biking, jogging and nature trails, excluding horse trails or bridal paths.  
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Trail, recreational, public The term includes hiking, biking, jogging and nature trails, excluding horse trails or bridle paths.  
Trampoline center
Transmitting towers, receiving towers, and relay and microwave towers, and broadcast studios