Zoning Portal | Procedures - Affidavit of Correction

Description: An affidavit of correction is a legal instrument allowed under s. 236.295, Wis. Stats., that is used to correct deficiencies in a recorded subdivision plat or certified survey map (CSM). The City must approve any changes relating to areas dedicated to the public or restrictions for the public benefit.

Decision-maker(s): Plan Commission makes a recommendation and the Common Council makes the final decision

Application fee: $275

Submittal deadline: 4 weeks prior to the Plan Commission meeting (normally held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month)

General review process:
  1. Submittal of application materials. The applicant submits an application and other required materials.  NOTE: The City recommends that a professional engineer, architect, or designer prepare the plans.  Your application will not be put on the agenda until staff is satisfied that all materials have been provided and all concerns have been addressed.  Any revisions to plans will require a re-submittal of all items listed above.