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Amendment to PUD A proposed change/modification to an existing planned unit development (PUD) Board of Zoning & Housing Appeals An aggrieved person, or any officer, department, or board of the City who believes the Building Commissioner or Zoning Admini... Code Interpretation When there is uncertainty or disagreement as to the intent or meaning of a zoning ordinance standard or the zoning map, a per... Conditional Use Amendment Although each zoning district is intended for a predominant type of land use, there are a number of uses that may be appropri... Conditional Use Permit Although each zoning district is primarily intended for a predominant type of land use, there are some uses that may be appro... House Move Requests to move a building to another location on the lot or to another lot must be reviewed by the Plan Commission. Landscaping Plan Review The Plan Commission reviews landscaping plans for all new structures and uses and to changes or additions to existing structu... Lighting Plan Review Prior to installing any outdoor light fixtures, the Zoning Administrator must review plans to ensure compliance. Plan Commission Consultation A developer may meet with the Plan Commission to obtain nonbinding feedback on a concept plan Planned Unit Development (PUD) A planned unit development (PUD) is established to encourage large-scale and quality development of vacant or underutilized t... Rezoning The Common Council may change the district boundaries (i.e., change the zoning designation of one or more properties). Sign Appeal Sign variances are intended to allow flexibility to the sign regulations while still fulfilling the purpose of the regulatio... Sign Plan Review A sign permit must be issued for permanent and temporary signs, except for those signs listed in s. 17.0704 of the zoning cod... Site Plan and Architectural Review The Plan Commission reviews site plans and architectural plans to promote compatible development. Temporary Sign Permit Include but are not limited to banners, emblems, portable signs, inflatables, wind signs including balloons, pennants and str... Temporary Use Some land uses are temporary in nature and may be authorized by the Zoning Administrator or by the Plan Commission. Zoning Text Amendment The Common Council may, by Ordinance, amend, change, or supplement the text of the zoning code.